Are Blu Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

blu-cigsThere are many new devices on the market to help people stop using tobacco. A particular product that is designed specifically for smokers is the e-cig. This is a device that uses aromatics in a nicotine vapor to simulate smoking, but without the use of tobacco. Products come in different flavors, to enhance the pleasure of using the devices and to simulate the joy of smoking tobacco. Many people who are considering using one of the devices wonder how it may effect their health.

There are many brands of this new device. One particular brand offers a charger for the simulated smoking device and is said to provide more puffs per cartridge. But, are blu electronic cigarettes safe?

The answer is they are safer for a person’s health than smoking tobacco products. The product does use nicotine, so any effects of this chemical will expose users. However, much of the harm of smoking comes from the tar in the tobacco. Illnesses such as chronic cough, bronchitis, asthma, and lung cancer are all associated with tobacco. Nicotine is believed to be addictive though many people claim they are also addicted to tobacco.

Tobacco itself is irritating to the lungs and the respiratory system. The introduction of electronic smoking devices eliminates the health hazards associated with using tobacco in the inhaled form, such as through smoking a cigarette with tobacco. Eliminating this health hazard to the respiratory system is huge, since it can also effect those who are in close proximity to a person smoking a cigarette.

Many organizations do not recognize the e-cig as a safer alternative to use in public, but it produces no smoke and therefore, does not affect those who are in close proximity to a user of this device. It this way it is much safer for others to be around someone who uses this alternative to smoking regular cigarettes.

There are some drawbacks of using an e-cig. They still deliver nearly as much nicotine to the user, depending on the strength selected. Nicotine is addictive and can cause users to continue with the product after giving up regular cigarettes. The product is designed as a safer alternative that does offer some health benefits, such as reduced incidence of respiratory illness and other illnesses associated with exposure to tobacco. Though there are some risks associated with using the electronic device, it is much safer than continuing to use tobacco products on a regular basis.

So, to answer the question, are blu electronic cigarettes safe? One must consider the type of safety that can be achieved. There is no exposure to tobacco, though nicotine is delivered in the vapor. Much of the health risk associated with tobacco use is eliminated by using the alternative vapor producing device.