Are Disposable E-cigarettes Really Worth the Money?

vc-disposable-ecigsMillions of smokers are currently making the switch to e cigarettes; however, the process of reloading standard two and three-piece e-cigarettes can be awkward and time-consuming in certain circumstances. In situations where reloading poses a problem, or for people who simply like to open a pack and start smoking, disposable e-cigarettes are often a more convenient solution. While they work in much the same way as standard versions, disposables are ready to smoke in seconds. Is the extra cost of this disposable option really worth it? Or should e-cigarette smokers continue to buy their bottles of e-liquid?

How do disposable e-cigarettes work?

The basic principle of a disposable vaporiser – such as the Vapor Couture e-cigarette - is much the same as the standard version. However, it is simply thrown away after being used once. The main benefit lies in the ability to smoke them without loading – perfect for times when people are in a hurry.

A disposable is composed of a cartridge, a battery and an atomiser within a single, sealed unit. On average, there are around 400 inhalations available in every stick, and that equates to between 30 and 40 real cigarettes. Users start the vaporiser by pulling an activation tab, and the vapour is released through a single hole in a silicone tip.

The benefits and drawbacks of using disposable e-cigarettes?

The single biggest advantage of using disposable e-cigarettes is the ability to smoke them straight away, so for people who travel a lot, they provide a convenient and quick solution. However, once they are finished, they must be thrown away; a process which could be detrimental on the environment. Unfortunately, the batteries in disposable vaporisers cannot be changed.

Most industry experts believe there is only a minimal difference between ‘vaping’ with a standard and disposable. However, it is not possible to change the flavour of a disposable vaporiser – users are limited to what is available from their chosen vendor. For instance, the Vapor Couture disposables is available in a number of flavours, including passion fruit and mint.

As well as the speed and convenience that disposables deliver, they are also cheaper for people who are trying e-cigarettes for the first time. Buying a disposable e-cigarette will usually costs around 9 USD. So, not only is that around half the price of the equivalent two packs of real cigarettes, it is significantly cheaper than buying a vaporiser starter kit for around 29 USD together with a bottle of e-liquid. However, people who commit to e-cigarettes as a permanent replacement for the real thing will find that sticking with disposables is more expensive than reloading in the long term.

Who can benefit from using disposables?

Anyone who travels a lot and likes to use disposable e-cigarettes will know that carrying around bottles, chargers, batteries and the various components of a starter kit can be a little tiresome. They will also say that refilling a cartridge can be awkward in public places. However, a disposable is simply taken from the packaging, the activation tab is removed and the user can start ‘vaping’ within seconds. And although using disposables is more expensive in the long run, losing one will pose a far lower cost of replacement than losing a standard kit would.

Disposables may also be a more sensible option for the light user. Because every disposable stick is the equivalent of between 30 and 40 real cigarettes, just one can last a light user several days. This smaller financial commitment posed by disposables could suit occasional users.

Of course, there will be people who are prepared to pay a little extra to get started with ‘vaping’ without the hassle of refilling cartridges and working out dosages. People who just want to buy a stick and smoke it – in much the same way as a real cigarette – will probably see the extra cost as a small price to pay for that level of convenience.

So, are disposable e-cigarettes really with the money? Well, it depends on the user. A heavy user will save money by sticking to refillable e-cigarettes. However, people who move around a lot, or those who are willing to pay a premium for convenience will view the extra cost as a price worth paying. Whatever type people opt for, it is clear that both varieties are still significantly cheaper than smoking the real thing.

You are now probably asking yourself where you can buy disposable e cigs? Well here you go:

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