What’s a clearomizer?

e-cigarette-clearomizerA clearomizer is a term used to describe a component in some types of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are devices that mimic the process of smoking a standard tobacco cigarette by heating up liquid into a vapor format that smokers can inhale. This vapor can contain nicotine levels equivalent to a traditional cigarette or adjusted levels or even no nicotine at all depending upon the type of cartridge purchased. Clearomizers are popular components of electronic cigarettes because they allow smokers to see the entire process of inhaling the vapor through the e-cigarette.

The easy way to define a clearomizer is to say that it is a see-through or transparent cartomizer. A cartomizer is part of the electronic cigarette that contains the cartridge and the atomizer. The cartridge is a small plastic container that is essentially the mouthpiece of the cigarette. It also contains the liquid portion that is either a pre-filled cartridge or an empty reservoir where the liquid is poured. The atomizer is the coiled part of the electronic cigarette that actually heats up in order to turn the liquid into vapor. It also contains a filament that sucks in the liquid to be heated. So the major distinction between a clearomizer and a cartomizer is that the clearomizer allows smokers to see the entire process of the liquid being heated and turned into vapor for them to inhale.

There are some details that make clearomizers more distinct than simply being transparent cartomizers. One distinction that makes a clearomizer different from a cartomizer is the different types of materials that are used. In order to keep the clearomizer transparent a very lightweight plastic is used that is somewhat breakable. The plastic is much thinner than traditional electronic cigarettes. A cartomizer is generally made from very thick plastic that is hard to break and it is full of a polyfill filling that helps keep things in place and determine when the liquid is running low. Clearomizers do not generally have any filling because it makes it harder to see but they occasionally will have small amounts of clear polyfill filling.

Most smokers who choose a clearomizer do so in order to view the process of the atomizer which is an incredible process to observe. It is also beneficial for smokers because they are able to see when the liquid is running low and replace the cartridge as needed. Clearomizers are also a popular option because they tend to be bigger in size which means that they can store more of the liquid in them and do not need to be replaced quite as often. A major reason that smokers choose not to use a clearomizer is that it is more breakable due to the thinner plastic casing. When electronic cigarettes break the spill can be messy and odorous. Some smokers dislike clearomizers because the flavor is less potent than cartomizers but this is a subjective issue that many smokers do not notice at all.